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ULTRANS aims to support the design and implementation of new land use and vehicle demand policies through research, education, and public outreach. The Center’s results-oriented research illuminates the relationship between land use, transportation, and the environment. Models, methods, and evidence developed at ULTRANS will support the development of policies that encourage sustainable cities and regions.

ULTRANS will help train the next generation of leaders in urban research and policy development. Affiliated students have opportunities to participate in research and outreach on critical issues in addressing climate change.

Featured Article

New ULTRANS Report: Updating the PECAS Modeling Framework to Include Energy Use Data for Buildings

Building operations account for an important portion of total energy consumption. This study investigated the consumption of electricity and natural gas for building operations across several categories of residential and non-residential buildings. The purpose of the study was to update the Production Exchange Consumption Allocation System (PECAS) land use modeling framework to include energy use components. The approach served as part of an urban metabolism framework, creating a methodology to account for environmental and energy balances of cities and complex regions.

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