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Improved Data and Tools for Integrated Land Use-Transportation Planning in California

Overview of Project:

Effective land use-transportation planning requires the ability to estimate potential benefits and impacts of various choices, including those regarding “smart growth” and “sustainable communities” strategies (such as urban infill, mixed-use, transit-oriented development, complete streets, etc.). Up-to-date California-specific data on built environment-travel relationships allows decision-makers to consider the potential effects of transportation infrastructure and land use investment choices in a consistent and supportable way.

The primary goal of this project was to obtain and analyze available data on quantitative relationships between the built environment and travel in various parts of California, and to incorporate the results into software tools available for use in local and regional integrated land use-transportation scenario planning processes.

Potential uses of the results of this project are:

  • Conducting regional integrated Blueprint planning processes.
  • Complying with California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008 (SB 375), required for all California metropolitan planning organizations.
  • Preparing local General and Specific Community Plans and other transportation system plans that incorporate smart growth/sustainable communities strategies.


  1. The processes and results of this effort are summarized in a Final Overview Report, with detail in seven technical Appendices(available below).
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