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Policy Design and Behavior Research – Case Studies

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Local Government Action: Case Studies of Eight California Cities
ULTRANS researchers are conducting case studies of voluntary climate initiatives in eight California cities: Fresno, Stockton, Davis, Sacramento, San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Ventura. A document highlighting lessons learned from the studies is being prepared to help policy makers and other stakeholders identify successful strategies - both for policy adoption and implementation - at the city level to address climate change. Each jurisdiction has approached this challenge in different ways, has a different political climate, and employs different strategies, e.g. analyze and reduce energy use as a strategy to improve the local economy.

In addition researchers will develop emissions inventories for the transport and buildings sectors in each city, using energy consumption data from local utilities and vehicle miles traveled data from the Bureau of Automotive Repair and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Project Funders: California Energy Commission, Hewlett Foundation

Estimated Project Completion Date: September 2011 (Interim Product Anticipated by Fall, 2010)

Current Status: Using a semi-structured interview process, information has been collected from government officials, staff, and other stakeholders. Two city profiles have been completed and documented (see below).

City profiles for Fresno, Berkeley, Los Angeles and Ventura will be prepared, reviewed, and approved by interviewees in each city.

Completed Profiles:

Berkeley City Profile January, 2011

Los Angeles City Profile December, 2010