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Policy Design and Behavior Research – Evidence Extraction

The goal of this research is to estimate the context-specific VMT response to key policy variables (e.g. land use, pricing, transit expansion). These estimations are based on the original analysis of existing travel survey and land use data – the same data being used in our integrated models. A discrete-continuous statistical framework is used to model determinants of individual commute trip, individual shopping trip, and total daily household VMT. This model is used to estimate elasticities and marginal effects for key policy variables, including how these effects change with local context


  • Results based on 2001 Statewide survey data will be completed by May 2011
  • A draft of the spreadsheet model, based on these results, will be available by August 2011
  • Results based on all available data will be complete by early 2012
  • The final spreadsheet model will be available by May 2012