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ULTRANS’ CalPECAS Production Model Development Team Kick-Off Meeting

ULTRANS hosted a July 13 kickoff meeting for the development team creating the production version of CalPECAS, an integrated statewide model of interregional transportation, land use, and economic factors. When completed, CalPECAS will be one of the largest and most comprehensive models available to examine the effects of policy, law, and investment on a myriad of variables across California’s complex landscape of local communities and regional governments.

CalPECAS will answer questions about how different policies affect greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction from the land use and transportation sectors. It will also measure the impact of GHG reduction strategies on 523 regional California economies, considering 58 industry types producing 42 commodities, with labor from 14 household income types.

The CalPECAS development team is dedicated to the idea of reducing GHG production while sustaining the economy, protecting the environment, and providing equitable economic benefits to people of all income classes.

Generous support for this early kickoff meeting was provided by the Surdna Foundation.

IMAGE: Team members include (left to right) Deborah Salon, Debasis Basu, Giovanni Circelli, Mike McCoy, Doug Hunt, Dimantha DeSilva, Chad Baker, Eric Lehmer, Shenyi Gao, Kevin Shafer, Alan Brownlee, Yang Wang, and Nathaniel Roth.