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Information Center for the Environment (ICE)

The Information Center for the Environment (ICE) is an environmental information brokerage and research laboratory in the Department of Environmental Science & Policy at the University of California, Davis, under the direction of Professor Jim Quinn. ICE specializes in the development and dissemination of geospatial data and technologies; the development of robust data architectures dedicated to the cataloging of global environmental information; and the creation of decision support systems geared toward improving the capabilities of resource managers in a variety of sectors.

Project Participants

Director, Information Center for the Environment; Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Professor Quinn teaches in the Department of Environmental Science of Policy. He is also the director of the Information Center for the Environment, and is affiliated with the Center for Watershed Sciences, the National Biological Information Infrastructure, PRBO Conservation Science, UCDavis Geography Graduate Group (GGG), and the UCDavis Graduate Group in Ecology.

Project Manager and GIS Programmer

Nate Roth leads the UPLAN modeling team and ULTRANS's UrbanFootprint involvement, and is a member of the CalSIIM technical team. In his spare time, Nate is working on his Ph.D. in Geography at UC Davis.

Junior Specialist

Kyle is a Junior Specialist at ULTRANS working on integrated transportation modeling and land use planning.

Junior Specialist

Laurel is a Junior Specialist working on data collection and analysis as well as documentation editing and administrative tasks.

Deanne DiPietro

Deanne advises on data and process documentation for the CalPECAS project.

Research Associate

Dave works in Information Technology, including web development, scientific data management, and GIS.