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Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis)

The Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis (ITS-Davis) is a multi-faceted, internationally recognized program with more than 60 affiliated faculty and researchers, 100 graduate students, and a $6 million annual budget. Its primary program components are research, education and outreach.

The Institute is the only Organized Research Unit in the UC system that hosts a matching graduate education program, recognizing the value of interdisciplinary research and education. The Transportation Technology and Policy (TTP) graduate curriculum draws from 34 different academic disciplines.

By partnering with industry, government, and non-governmental organizations, ITS-Davis has successfully contributed to and advanced public discourse on key transportation issues, while also creating a diverse funding base. The Institute's diverse research programs are focused on issues important to society.

Project Participants

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Chair and Graduate Advisor, Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Group

Patricia Mokhtarian is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Associate Director for Education of the Institute of Transportation Studies, and Chair of the interdisciplinary graduate program in Transportation Technology and Policy. Dr. Mokhtarian has specialized in the application of rigorous quantitative methods to the study of travel behavior for more than 30 years, authoring or co-authoring more than 160 refereed journal articles, technical reports, and other publications.

Honda Distinguished Scholar, ITS-Davis; Co-Director, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, UC Berkeley

Susan holds a joint research appointment at the Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC), headquartered at the University of California (UC) Berkeley, and at UC Davis' Institute of Transportation Studies. She has a Ph.D. in ecology, focusing on technology management and the environmental aspects of transportation, from UC Davis; an MS in public policy analysis from the University of Rochester; and a BA in political science and English (writing concentration) from Nazareth College.

Susan Handy
Professor, Environmental Science and Policy; Director, Sustainable Transportation Center; Deputy Director, ULTRANS

Professor Handy is currently a professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis, and the Director of the Sustainable Transportation Center (part of the Federal University Transportation Centers program). She is also the Deputy Director of the Urban Land Use and Transportation Center. Professor Handy's research focuses on the relationships between transportation and land use. She is particularly interested in the impact of land use on travel behavior and creating strategies for reducing automobile dependence.

Director, Information Center for the Environment; Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Professor Quinn teaches in the Department of Environmental Science of Policy. He is also the director of the Information Center for the Environment, and is affiliated with the Center for Watershed Sciences, the National Biological Information Infrastructure, PRBO Conservation Science, UCDavis Geography Graduate Group (GGG), and the UCDavis Graduate Group in Ecology.

Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy; Director, Institute of Transportation Studies;

Dr. Sperling is a professor in the departments of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy, and founding Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis (ITS-Davis). He is also Acting Director of the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center.

Deborah Salon
Economist & Senior Researcher

Dr. Salon is a staff economist focusing her research on urban travel behavior and land use.

Research Engineer at Georgia Tech and Part-time Researcher at UC-Davis

Dr. Circella has been a leading member of the transportation and land use modeling team at ULTRANS. Starting in November 2013, he has moved to Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA) where he is a Research Engineer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He keeps a part-time appointment at UC Davis where he is the principal investigator and continues to work on several research projects on travel behavior analysis, transportation modeling, energy consumption and the mobility of young adults ("millennials").

Director, China Center for Energy and Transportation

Yunshi Wang is the director of the China Center for Energy and Transportation (C-CET).

Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor Zhang teaches in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has worked extensively with the Institute of Transportation Studies, including a project on Integrated Construction Zone Traffic Management.