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Alan T. Brownlee

Affiliated Organizations: 

Ph.D., P.Eng.
Alan has over 35 years of experience in both Canada and the UK. He specializes in the areas of travel forecasting, assessment of transportation needs, and development of transportation plans for urban areas. He has been responsible for the completion of a variety of transportation planning projects in Canada and the UK He is recognized as one of the leading practitioners in practical travel demand modeling in Canada, and has co-authored several papers on the application of these models in the urban Canadian context. In particular, he has had direct responsibility for the development and use of a significant number of multi-modal regional travel models, sub-area traffic assignment models, and corridor traffic microsimulation assignment models. The sub-area and corridor traffic assignment models have been used to assess detail traffic operation of existing and proposed developments and alternative network configurations. This work has included interaction with members of the public and elected officials. In addition, he is recognized as a leader in the field of estimation of vehicle emissions. He is Co-Chair of the Alberta Clean Air Strategic Alliance Vehicle Emissions Team, and is an advisor to Alberta Infrastructure on transportation climate change issues. Alan is also General Supervisor of Forecasting and Assessment at the City of Edmonton, and is president of his own consulting company.