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John E. Abraham

Affiliated Organizations: 

Ph.D., P.Eng.
John has expertise in developing and calibrating models to provide computer simulations that are both accurate and practical for analyzing policy and scenarios. His development and use of models has focused on understanding and measuring the relationship between the transportation system and the larger community, and modeling these relationships in land use transport interaction models. He is an expert on survey techniques for understanding preferences, measuring tradeoff rates and predicting behavior. Surveying projects include surveys to predict mode choice in Phoenix, Ohio, Calgary, Edmonton and Kathmandu (Nepal), and surveys to understand broad citizen preferences in Calgary and Edmonton. Modeling projects include land use and transportation models of the Sacramento region and the State of Oregon, a model of the demand for passenger traffic on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, a model of cyclists preferences for Edmonton a mode choice model for Kathmandu, Nepal and a review of the land use model of Auckland, New Zealand. As a volunteer, John has worked with stakeholder groups and community associations, and is chair of the Calgary Alternative Transportation Co-operative. John is also president of T. J. Modelling Ltd.