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Mike McCoy

Mike McCoy
Emeritus Director of ULTRANS

Mike McCoy is an information entrepreneur with 35 years of experience and three startups behind him. He specializes in the development of information and models for studying and forecasting urban growth, transportation systems use, and environmental impacts including land, air and water.

Mike McCoy founded the University of California, Davis Extension Land Use and Natural Resources program in 1982, an educational program brining thousands of land use and environmental policy and science professionals back to campus each year for continuing education. He also co-founded the Information Center for the Environment at U.C. Davis in 1994 along with his colleague, Professor James F. Quinn. The Center is a national node for biological information, hosting California’s drinking water safety data, California’s Environmental Quality Act Data, and is the home to numerous research projects involving species distribution, climate change and the environmental impacts of transportation.

Mike was named founding director of the Urban Land Use and Transportation Center (ULTRANS) at U.C. Davis in November 2008. ULTRANS is engaged in choice research for transportation mode selection, policy analysis for GHG reduction strategies, land use forecasting through advanced spatially disaggregate urban microeconomic modeling and recently completed the California Statewide Travel Demand Model, the first tour based statewide transportation activity model in the United States.

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