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Nathaniel (Nate) Roth

Project Manager and GIS Programmer

Nate Roth is a GIS Programmer at the Urban Land Use and Transportation Research Center (ULTRANS). Currently, Nate is involved in many projects, including the California Regional Blueprints, the California Statewide Blueprint, the Statewide Development of Transportation/ Land Use Planning Tools (D's Project), UPlan, the California Statewide Travel Demand Model, and the CalSIIM model. Nate's expertise and interests lie in Geographic Information Systems(GIS), geographic analysis, application development/process automation, data visualization, data collection/aggregation, Urban Growth Modeling (UPlan), technical support to GIS tool users, land use / transportation behavior, ecosystem services, and open space conservation.

Nate has a M.A. in Geography (UC Davis) and in addition to his full-time staff position is also a part-time graduate student working towards a Ph.D. in Geography.

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