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Susan Handy

Susan Handy
Professor, Environmental Science and Policy; Director, Sustainable Transportation Center; Deputy Director, ULTRANS

Professor Handy teaches in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at the University of California at Davis. She has courses in the Environmental Policy and Planning major and in the Transportation Technology and Policy Program.

Susan Handy is also the director of the Sustainable Transportation Center, part of the federal university transportation centers program. Her research focuses on the relationships between transportation and land use, particularly the impact of land use on travel behavior, and on strategies for reducing automobile dependence. Her recent work includes a series of studies on bicycling in Davis, examinations of changing policies and practices in regional transportation planning, an exploration of the travel needs of recent immigrants in California, and a study of the effect of cul-de-sacs on children’s outdoor play.

Professor Handy serves on the Committee on Land Development and Transportation, the Committee on Women’s Transportation Issues, and the Committee on Transportation Education of the Transportation Research Board. She received her B.S.E. in Civil Engineering from Princeton University (1984), her M.S. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University (1987), and her Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning from the University of California at Berkeley (1992).

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