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Active Travel in California: Performance Measures from an Activity-Based Travel Model

PI: Rodier
Funder: Mineta Transportation Institute

There is an increasing awareness of the potentially significant health co-benefits from active travel (access and/or use of transit, walk, and bike modes) that may result from the implementation of regional land use and transportation plans under SB375 to meet Assembly Bill 32 (California’s Global Warming Solutions Act or AB32) greenhouse gas reduction (GHG) targets. The proposed study would use the new California statewide activity-based travel demand model to (1) illustrate how data available from such models can be used to characterize the health-related benefits of active travel, (2) provide a baseline comparative assessment of access to and use of active travel in different regions, counties, and cities in California, (3) demonstrate potential active travel benefits from the implementation of policies that reduce VMT and GHG emissions.

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