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After SB 375: Using Statewide Activity-Based Modeling to Assess the Impact of Sustainable Community Strategies on Regional and Interregional Travel Behavior

PI: Circella
Funder: UCTC

In this study, we use the California Statewide Travel Demand Model as a tool to test the impact of some of the proposed changes in land use and transportation in the State of California. The model provides a quantitative tool to uniformly assess the impacts of the proposed land use and transportation policies on transportation demand in California, overcoming the lack of a standard modeling tool that allows evaluation of policies for the entire State. In addition, the model also provides a standard basis to assess the impact of policies on interregional trips and longer distance trips that affect more than one region, and that would not be possible to test with regional travel demand model. In the research, we apply the CSTDM modeling framework to test future scenarios of development in the state for 2035, in both a “control” (do nothing) scenario, under assumptions of current growth and economic development established by former RTPs and under a modified land use and transportation scenario inspired by the development of the most recent RTPs and SCSs from the local MPOs.

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