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Analysis of Energy Consumption for Building Operations and Urban Metabolism in Los Angeles County

PI: Circella
Funder: California Energy Commission and Los Angeles County

This study investigates the consumption of electricity and natural gas for building operations for several categories of residential and non-residential buildings. In this study, we analyzed electricity and natural gas consumption data from utility companies operating in Los Angeles County. Utility data are used to build an energy database to study energy consumption in buildings, based on the analysis of almost 450,000 Energy Analysis Zones, created from the overlap of various levels of spatial aggregation in the database. The energy database integrates additional data on the building stock, climate zones, geomorphological data, and sociodemographics collected from multiple sources. Researchers developed statistical and spatial analysis of energy consumption data and estimated linear regression models to predict energy consumption in buildings. Electricity and natural gas consumption in residential and non-residential buildings are studied in relation to several variables, including building use type, size of the unit (in square feet), age of the building and climate zone. The results are useful to inform researchers on the consumption patterns for residential and non-residential buildings in Los Angeles County, depending on several land use, sociodemographics and climate variables. Moreover, they provide the basis to study the spatial distribution of energy consumption and form part of the baseline study to estimate energy and greenhouse gas emissions associated with residential and commercial building operations through the application of the estimated energy profiles to the total residential and commercial building inventory in the region. The study is as part of a PIER project funded by the California Energy Commission, led by UCLA and developed in cooperation with Arizona State University. The study received additional funding from Los Angeles County.

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