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Generation Y and Travel behavior: an international analysis of drivers of travel behavior and the impact of personal attitudes and environmental concerns among young generations of college and university students.

PI: Circella

The aim of this project is to study travel behavior of young travelers, with age between 18 and 35. The main target of this study is composed by university students, either undergrad or graduate students. They are an important segment of the population: they are potential buyers of vehicles and will have a growing purchasing power in future years, and will contribute to create new households and influence travel patterns in future years. This study wants to investigate what drivers of travel behavior motivate younger generations to adopt specific travel patterns and levels of car ownership, and what the impact of personal attitudes, influence of peers and environmental concerns have on their decision to purchase new vehicles and choose specific mobility patterns, with particular attention on developing countries (India, Iran, Egypt and China) and perhaps some OECD countries (selected EU countries and probably Eastern European countries with transitioning economies).

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