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Non-Motorized Travel: Analysis of the National Household Travel Survey California Add-On Data

PI: Susan Handy
Funder: Caltrans

The objective of this project is to improve our understanding of non-motorized travel in California
and the factors that influence that travel. To achieve this objective, the research team will
analyze data from the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS), focusing on the California
Add-on data. Descriptive results will show who is walking and bicycling, how much, and for
what purposes. Modeling results will identify key factors associated with walking and bicycling,
including environmental characteristics and individual characteristics. The results will help
practitioners in their efforts to develop effective policies to increase non-motorized travel. The results of the project will be useful in estimating the effects of proposed bicycle and pedestrian projects on VMT and greenhouse gas emissions. The results will contribute to the development of General Plans, local Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans, and Regional Transportation Plans. The project will help to advance the goals of the California Blueprint for Bicycling and Walking and to further the implementation of the state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan, and they will help Caltrans and the state’s MPOs in meeting the requirements of the new national policy on bicycle and pedestrian accommodation as well as recent California law requiring Complete Streets implementation.

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