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SB 375 Empirical Literature Review

PI: Susan Handy
Funder: California Air Resources Board
Website: http://arb.ca.gov/cc/sb375/policies/policies.htm

Senate Bill 375 (SB 375, Steinberg, Chapter 728, Statutes of 2008) requires the Air Resources Board (ARB) to set greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets for passenger vehicles for 2020 and 2035 for California’s metropolitan planning organizations (MPO). Each MPO is required to complete a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) as a new component of its long-term Regional Transportation Plan. The statute requires ARB to review each MPO’s SCS and make a determination as to whether or not the SCS, if implemented, would meet the GHG emission reduction targets in 2020 and 2035 for the region. The purpose of this project is to provide ARB staff with a robust set of empirical literature reviews on a wide spectrum of land use and transportation strategies that will help staff evaluate future SCS sensitivity analyses. The reviews also provide MPO staff with data to facilitate the choice of GHG emissions reductions strategies.

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