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UrbanFootprint: Modeling Land Use Changes, Sustainable Water Management and GHG Benefits

PI: Roth
Funder: California Water Foundation through Resources Legacy Fund

ULTRANS in collaboration with private partners, conducted a review of the water, energy, and travel analysis modules in UrbanFootprint, an open source, internet based land use scenario creation and analysis toolkit. Following the review, ULTRANS implemented suggested improvements to the vehicle fleet mix, building inventory, and energy and water consumption calculators.

UrbanFootprint is an open source scenario planning toolkit funded by the California High Speed Rail Authority and the California Strategic Growth Council to support sustainable planning for California’s future.

Improvements to the vehicle fleet mix module include the redesign of the underlying module to remove the dependency on Microsoft Excel and support more detailed vehicle fleet tracking by vehicle type, age, and year of construction.

The building inventory model improvements include tracking of housing stock through time and the evaluation of energy and water policy adoption by building type and quantity. This includes support for tracking the cumulative effects of multiple overlapping policies the benefit components from each.

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